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October 15, 2019
RWC Contingency Plan

Typhoon Hagibis caused chaos across Japan, not least for those it left in its wake. For rugby, although insignificant in comparison to the destruction it caused, there are some serious questions to be asked about how it was dealt with by World Rugby.

September 07, 2019
Growing Rugby

How can we possibly grow this sport we love when TV companies are charging a fortune just to watch your national team play? With the World Cup just days away, nothing infuriates Fran Holmes more than the fact that so many people won't get to watch it

August 19, 2019
Rugby Round-Up

Rugby is back! July and August have been a busy few months for teams across the world, preparing for the World Cup and showing everybody else just what they've got in the tank. Fran Holmes looks at recent matches and the impact they've had.

August 01, 2019
Beginner's Guide to Rugby

A rough guide to rugby, with the Rugby World Cup looming and destined to be followed by the biggest audience yet, Fran looks at the basic laws that should be learned before kick-off.

July 23, 2019
Barbarians Rugby

The Barbarians are one of the most prestigious sides in the world. An invitational side that have been going for over a hundred years, it is no wonder everyone wants to pull on the black and white hoops at least once in their career.

RWC 2019 Preview: England

Rugby World Cup 2019 Primer Series: England

England Is More Than 2015 With under three months to go until the start of the much-anticipated Rugby World Cup in Japan, it is time to look ahead to the likelihood of an Engli...

July 18, 2019
Rugby World Cup 2019 Primer Series: England

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Fran is an English teacher who developed a love of rugby watching her dad and brother as a child. She can now be spotted on the rugby pitch with the Gravesend Gremlins, or on the side-lines supporting the Gravesend men's teams and her beloved Wasps.