Rugby World Cup 2019 Primer Series: Canada

Rugby World Cup 2019 Primer Series: Canada

World Rugby's number 22 ranked team heading into the Rugby World Cup is none other than Canada. You may think it is odd that a team ranked 22nd can qualify for the 20-team tournament, but the qualification standards select so many teams from each region as well as the automatically qualified nations. 

Canada has a long history of rugby and in the past, was very competitive on the world stage. Recently, rugby in Canada has fallen off the map. They have lacked the competitiveness they used to play with and the talent just isn't there. 


Rugby Canada
Image Credit: Rugby World Cup


Not all is lost in Canada. With the founding and success of Major League Rugby (MLR) it can help provide a spark to the North Americans. Canada has one team in the 12-team league (as of 2020), the Toronto Arrows. In 2019, the Arrows finished 3rd in MLR, losing to the twice champions Seattle Seawolves in the semifinals.  


Rugby World Cup History

Canada has participated in every Rugby World Cup thus far. They have only made it out of pool play once, in 1991, and lost in the quarterfinals. Pool results in parenthesis. 

  • 1987 - Pool (1 - 2)
  • 1991 - Quarterfinals (2 - 1)
  • 1995 - Pool (1 - 2)
  • 1999 - Pool (1 - 2)
  • 2003 - Pool (1 - 3)
  • 2007 - Pool (0 - 1 - 3)
  • 2011 - Pool (1 - 1 - 2)
  • 2015 - Pool (0 - 4)
  • 2019 - ???

Canada has typically been able to when or draw a match in pool play. They have scored a total of 527 points in the Rugby World Cup and they average 18.17 per match. Their overall record is 7 - 2 - 20.


Rugby World Cup Canada
Image Credit: Rugby World Cup


Rugby World Cup Leadup


  • Canada 29 - 38 Uruguay
  • Canada 31 - 32 Uruguay
  • Canada 10 - 29 USA
  • Canada 45 - 5 Brazil
  • Canada 33 - 17 Chile
  • Canada 10 - 48 Scotland
  • Canada 20 - 43 Russia
  • Canada 17 - 42 USA
  • Canada 65 - 19 Kenya
  • Canada 29 - 10 Germany
  • Canada 27 - 10 Hong Kong


  • Canada 17 - 20 Uruguay
  • Canada 10 - 18 Brazil
  • Canada 56 - 0 Chile 
  • Canada 25 - 30 USA
  • Canada 19 - 47 USA
  • Canada 13 - 38 Fiji
  • Canada 23 - 33 Tonga
  • Canada 15 - 20 USA


Rugby World Cup Predictions

Canada kicks off the tournament against a strong Italian team which competes in the Six Nations annually. While they are typically found at the bottom of the standings, the regular experience against better sides makes Italy a fierce competitor against Tier 2 nations. Italy won their first match against Namibia 47 - 22. Italy also recently beat Russia 85 - 15. Canada really does not stand a chance against Italy, but the best they can hope for is a solid performance and something to take away and learn from.

In the next match, Canada faces the World Champion All Blacks. This just feels like a punishment. Canada is going to get absolutely shredded against the New Zealand second team. Sure, the World Cup is full of upsets, but this will not be one of them. Canada should hope to try and score one time against the champions and be satisfied to keep them under 50. 


Canad V USA Rugby
Image Credit: Rugby World Cup


Things DO NOT get any easier for Canada. After facing the All Blacks, they go up against the Springboks just 6 days later. In less than a week, the poor Canadians have to play New Zealand and South Africa. You wouldn't wish that on your enemies. Again, same story as New Zealand, score a try and hold them to under 50 and you can claim a moral victory.

Finally, Canada has a chance of securing themselves a World Cup victory. They play against #23 Namibia. This is a very winnable match for Canada, but it won't be easy. Namibia played a very strong match against Italy, probably better than we think Canada will do against the Italians. After watching Canada play recently, it just doesn't seem like they are going to pull it off and they will exit the tournament without a single victory. 

Finding themselves in Pool B is very disheartening. Playing against the top 2 Southern Hemisphere nations as well as a Six Nations team is a brutal schedule. Especially in such a short period. They need to have their sights set on Namibia to try and earn a victory.



Tyler Ardron - Back Row

Luke Campbell - Back Row

Matt Heaton - Back Row

Lucas Rumball - Back Row

Nick Blevins - Centre

Ciaran Hearn - Centre

Ben Lesage - Centre

Conor Trainor - Centre

Gordon Mcrorie - Fly Half

Peter Nelson - Fly Half

Shane O'leary - Fly Half

Patrick Parfrey - Fly Half

Andrew Coe - Full Back

Eric Howard - Hooker

Benoit Piffero - Hooker

Andrew Quattrin - Hooker

Kyle Baillie - Lock

Conor Keys - Lock

Evan Olmstead - Lock

Mike Sheppard - Lock

Josh Larsen - Lock

Hubert Buydens - Prop

Djustice Sears-Duru - Prop

Jake Ilnicki - Prop

Cole Keith - Prop

Matt Tierney - Prop

Phil Mack - Scrum Half

Jamie Mackenzie - Scrum Half

Jeff Hassler - Wing

Taylor Paris - Wing

Dth Van Der Merwe - Wing


Rugby Realm

This post is a part of our Rugby World Cup 2019 Primer Series: 20 Nations. 1 Cup. We hope you enjoyed this piece.

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